Poverty Levels by Household Type

Poverty levels by household type (18 charts and maps)

Poverty Levels by Household Type

  • Percent of Households in Poverty by Type of Household (Tree Graph)
  • Population by ZIP Code (map)
  • Percent below Poverty Level (map)
  • Educational Attainment (High School Diploma or GED) (map)
  • Median Household Income (map)
  • Median Age (map)
  • Key Metrics by ZIP Code (bar chart)
  • Percent 18-24 Years Old (raw #s) (map)
  • Percent 25-64 Years Old (raw #s) (map)
  • Percent 65+ Years Old (raw #s) (map)
  • Comparison of Percent of Age Groups by ZIP Code (bar charts)
  • Number of Households (raw #s) (map)
  • Treemap of Most Households (raw #s) by ZIP Code (tree map)
  • Percentage of Family Households (map)
  • Percentage of Non-Family Households (map)
  • Percentage of Householders Living Alone (map)
  • Percentage of Single Mother-Led Households (map)
  • Comparison of Household Types and Poverty Levels (bar charts)