Hardship Index

Hardship Index (ranks ZIP Codes from highest-to-lowest re: hardship, based on six approved metrics first established by the Brookings Institution to rank U.S. cities) (9 maps and charts)
Hardship Index (3)


  • Hardship Index Ranking of ZIP Codes (map)
  • Comparison of Hardship Index Factors (bar charts)
  • Poverty Level (Percent of Residents under Federal Poverty Level) (map)
  • Educational Attainment (Percent of Population without a High School Diploma or GED) (map)
  • Percent Unemployed (map)
  • Per Capita Income (in Dollars) (map)
  • Crowding Level (Percent of Housing Units with More Than One Occupant per Room (map)
  • Dependency Amount (Combined Percent of Residents 18 or Younger and 65 or Older) (map)
  • “A Tale of Five Cities?” Hardship Index Rankings in 5 Stepped Levels (map)