1873 Map of San AntonioThis site was created to consolidate the various sets of interactive maps (data visualizations) built in Tableau Public, using current Census data and American Community Survey estimates, to illustrate various population characteristics of San Antonio (Bexar County) Texas, the nation’s seventh largest city. There is also a series of articles written about the findings. The project was developed and executed pro bono, to the tune of more than 1,500 hours of labor, and is being shared publicly so that more people can benefit from the work to drive deeper, richer conversations about what the data indicates for their own purposes (e.g., nonprofits), etc. Use with attribution if you publish any part of it: @lilygc on Twitter is fine. Thanks and enjoy!

Note: The **interactive** nature of the maps is not usable on mobile, so use your laptop, tablet or PC to actually view and use them. Most of them have sliders to hone in on segments of the data of interest to you, and all the bar charts (titled “comparison of…”) have columns which are sortable by high and low. The tool tips contain a lot of detail at a glance as well.

P.S. That’s an 1873 map of San Antonio, above. Well before #dataviz was a thing :-). Or maybe, done in the #dataviz of its day! It’s also ironic to have chosen this illustration and used it on this site well in advance of the San Antonio tricentennial coffee table book. Great minds think alike?!